Hyperlinks & HTML Formatting in Programs

Adding HTML links to external websites can be helpful if administrators need to direct applicants or a committee to a resource that is somewhere outside of ZoomGrants. HTML formatting is also a great way to give some extra punch or emphasis to text in a program.

How It Works

Administrators can insert live links and HTML in the:

  • Instructions section of select tabs
    • Pre-Application
    • Application
    • Budget
    • Tables
    • Documents
    • Scoring
    • Reports
  • Program Information tabs visible to the applicants (set up in the Settings tab)
  • Message Templates (set up in the Messages tab) and Messages sent via the Send Email features

Check out this document for full instructions:(Click to see the full document.) 

Want to learn even more?

All ZoomGrants administrators are invited to join our Tuesday Trainings – weekly training webinars that help administrators learn about how to set up and manage their programs. Learn more here.

Are you an applicant looking for help on how to format your application question responses?

Read more here.

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