Password & Security Profile

Effective November 15, 2017

The information below is applicable following a system update on 11/15/2017.

ZoomGrants requires all users to maintain a Security Profile to aid in the retrieval of passwords. This profile consists of three security question/answer pairs. If a user forgets their password, answering those three questions correctly will allow them to reset their password.

Setting Your Security Profile

If you have not previously set up your Security Profile, when you log in, you’ll be prompted to choose your three questions and enter your answers. In each dropdown, select a security question, then type your answer in the answer field below it. (The answers are not case sensitive.)

ZG Security Profile

When you’ve finished, click the Save button to update your account and finish logging in.

Updating Your Security Profile

The process for reviewing or updating the security profile differs based on your user type.


Log into your account on the ZoomGrants login page. On the My Account Home page, click the Account Profile button, then click into the Manage Security Profile tab. Update your questions and answers, then click the Save button.

Applicants - Update Security Profile


Log into your account, then click the Edit Profile button at the top of the page. Click the Security Profile button.

Collaborator - Update Security Profile



Log into your account, then click into the Manage Users tab in the upper row of tabs on your My Account page. Find your name in the list of administrative users, then click the ‘Edit Security Profile’ link.


Log into your account, then click the My Profile tab in the upper row of tabs on your My Account page. Click the Manage Security Profile tab.

Resetting Your Password

If you forget your password, your Security Profile will help you reset it. On any login page, click the Forgot Password link to begin the process.

Enter your email address, then click the Recover Password button.

Recover Password

Input the answers to all three of your security questions, then click Next. If you’ve answered all three correctly, you’ll be able to enter a new password.

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