Have a specific question? Here are some solutions to common issues:
  • Program Not Opening

    Q: The open date on one of my Programs has arrived but my Program isn’t available online. What do I need to do to make my Program available?

    A: To answer a question with our own questions…

    • Did you input the open and deadline dates correctly?
    • Is the Availability Status set to “Open”?
      To verify that it is open, open up Program Setup for that Program and click into the Summary tab. The Availability Status is a specific setting and can be changed in that tab.
    • Has the Program been paid for?
      To check, go to your Account Home and look for the Program in the Programs Waiting to Open section. If there is a dollar amount to the right of the Program title, payment for that Program has not yet been received or processed. If you think the outstanding balance is an error, please contact our Support Team.
  • Changing Login Credentials

    Q: How do I change my User ID or password?

    A: To alter your login information, navigate to your Account Home page, then click on the Manage Users tab. Find your name in the list of Administrative Users, then click the Edit link to edit your credentials.

  • Adding Users

    Q: How do I add other Administrators or Reviewers to our organization’s account?

    A: Administrative and Reviewer accounts can be created and edited in the Manage Users tab on your Account Home page.

  • Reviewer Can’t See Any Applications

    Q: A Reviewer logged into their account but can’t see any applications. How can I give my Reviewers access to our programs and applications?

    A: In order for your Reviewers to be able review the applications within a program, you must give them access to each program. See Committee Tab for more instructions.

  • Opening an Application for Editing

    Q: One of our Applicants has submitted an application but now needs to make a change to some of the content. How do I open an application for editing after it has been submitted?

    A: Any application can be opened for editing, and how you do that depends on the status of the program and what the applicant needs to change.

    • Editing Application Content BEFORE the Deadline – When you set up the program, there is a setting in the Program Summary tab that, by default, allows Applicants to change content in their submitted applications up until the program closes. If you changed that setting and decided to generally not allow Applicants to make change to their submitted application, you can open an application for editing by clicking into the Application Summary tab and checking the Open this Application for Editing checkbox near the bottom of the Settings box.
    • Editing Application Content AFTER the Deadline – To open an application for editing after the deadline has passed, click into the Application Summary tab and check the Open this Application for Editing checkbox near the bottom of the Settings box.
    • Adding Documents AFTER the Deadline – Documents can be added at any time. Files uploaded after the deadline are marked with a red timestamp that indicates the time (in Pacific Time) that the files were uploaded.
  • Chaning Our Organization Information

    Q: How do we change the name and address of our organization?

    A: From the Account Home page, click into the Account Details tab. Change the relevant information.

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