Check for Completion Feature

Before an applicant submits an application, ZoomGrants will check to make sure that they have answered the displayed questions and provided the required documents.

How it Works

The check for completion ensures that:

  1. All of the questions presented in the live version of the application have been answered
  2. There is something uploaded in each ‘required’ document slot

Check Results

If fields are incomplete, the system will provide a list, in red font, that indicates what is missing, like this:

The first part indicates which tab that field is in, and the second part indicates which field is blank.

“Application Questions Question 6”, for example, means that the answer to question 6 in the Application Questions tab is missing an answer. 

If there are any skipped questions in the application, those questions will be highlighted in red. If any required documents are missing, a message will be displayed.

If you’re an applicant, you should also click through all of the tabs to ensure that you have completed the other application components not included in the check, including the budgets or other tables (as applicable) and those document requests not marked ‘required’ but still applicable to your application. You are responsible for ensuring that you have completed those additional components.

'Required' Documents are Required for All Applicants

If an admin marks a document request slot ‘required’ all applicants must have something uploaded in that slot in order for their application to be submittable.

Even if the admin indicates that a required request does not apply to some applicants, the system will still require that be something uploaded there to satisfy the ‘required’ setting that they have chosen to use.

Since admins have the choice to mark a request ‘required’, applicants should contact the program admin with any questions or concerns.

Repeating the Check

When you’ve verified that you’ve completed the entire application, can use the Refresh Page button (in the top right section of the page, below the Search bar) to reload the page.



After refreshing, click the Submit Now button (next to the Print/Preview button) to run the check again. If everything has been completed, you’ll be able to enter your initials in the presented box and click the Submit Now button to officially submit the application.


A document request does not apply to me, but it is required in order to submit my application. What can I do?
The program administrator with the administering organization decides which requests to make required. By choosing to mark it required, they are indicating that they want all applicants to upload or link something in that slot in order to submit their application. Please contact the program admin to ask what they want to be put into that slot.
I have refreshed, but it still will not let me submit. What else can I try?
Verify again that everything is complete. Remember that all document requests marked required will be required of you, as discussed above, and all questions presented in the live online version of the application must be answered before you can submit. If you continue to have trouble, make sure you are using the most recent version of your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Safari instead. You can use ZoomGrants on any device, too, so you could even submit your application from your phone, if you would like!
I do not see a submit button. How can I submit my application?
Read more about this here.