Creating a New Application to Submit

New to ZoomGrants?

If you’re new to ZG, start by setting up your applicant account and creating your first application. Please refer to the full instructions here: Setting Up Your Applicant Account and Creating Applications

If you’re already a user, note that there are several ways for existing applicant account owners to create a new application:

  1. Creating an additional application in a program
  2. Creating a duplicate application in a program
  3. Creating a new application in a different program (even for a different organization using ZoomGrants to capture applications!)
Collaborators cannot create applications.

Only applicants can create new applications. Collaborators cannot use their accounts to create and manage their own applications. If you are a collaborator, please read more here.

Creating an Additional Application in a Program

  1. Open your first, original application.
  2. Click the View Open Programs tab in the upper left section of the page.
    • If you see an Apply Again button, the admin is allowing applicants to submit multiple applications for that program, and you may create another one.
    • If you do not see an Apply Again button, the program admin has chosen not to allow applicants to submit multiple applications for that program, or you have already reached the limit of applications that can be created. Contact the administrator with the administering organization for more information.
  3. Click the Apply Again button to create a new application.

Creating a Duplicate Application in a Program

Instead of creating a new blank application in a program, you can also create a duplicate of an existing application to submit in that same program.

When you create a duplicate application, all of the application content (with the exception of any uploaded or linked documents) from an existing application is copied into a new application.

This is especially helpful if you would like to submit several applications that are mostly the same – just fill out one application with all of the information that will be the same in each application, then create duplicates and customize each application from there.

  1. Go to your My Account Home page.
  2. Click the ‘Duplicate’ icon next to the application that you’d like to copy.

You can create duplicates of any application, even those that have already been submitted.

Creating an Application in a Different Program

After you’ve set up your account, you can also use it to submit applications for other programs offered by any organization that uses ZoomGrants to accept applications.

Follow the link provided by that organization, log into your account, then click the Apply button next to the program.

Completing Your New Application

No matter how you create your new application, remember that you will need to complete all of the requirements in order to submit the application, which may include submitting a Pre-Application for approval, answering the questions, entering budget or table information, and uploading documents. Remember, also, that collaborators are invited to work on each individual application; you will need to add your collaborators to any new applications that you create if you want them to have access to the new app.


I’m getting a message that says, “No additional applications allowed.”

The administrator has the option to limit the number of applications that can be created in each applicant account. If you are unable to see the Apply or Apply Again buttons and instead see that message, you have reached the limit and may not create any other applications in that program.

Archived applications count toward the limit. If you have archived an application and need to create a new one to replace it but have reached the application quantity limit, you may need to delete the application before creating the new one.

You can always contact the program admin via the Contact Admin tab in your application if you’d like request that they allow additional applications to be created.

I already have an account. Why can’t I create an application?