File Uploads


Uploading files and templates is as easy as attaching documents to emails. 

Administrators create document requests that present slots into which applicants can upload files in their pre-application, general application, invoices, and reports.

Administrators can also upload templates for those document requests and add administrative documents to applications in the Pre-Application, Documents, Financial, and Report tabs.

Uploading Files

  1. Find the document upload slot.
    Administrators upload files...
    • As templates for document requests created in the Pre-Application, Documents, Financial, and Report tabs.
    • As administrative documents uploaded in individual applications
    Applicants upload files into document request slots in the...
    • Pre-Application tab of an application
    • Documents tab of an application
    • Invoices
    • Reports
  2. Click the Upload button to begin the upload process.
  3. In the File Upload Window that opens, type the file description (whatever you want to call the file) and choose the type of attachment.You have two options for the attachment type:
    File Upload
    Upload the file into the ZoomGrants™ database. This type of attachment is limited to files no more than 4MB in size and of one of the acceptable formats listed in the File Upload Window.
    Link to File
    Provide a static link to the file elsewhere on the Internet (cloud storage such as Dropbox is a great place to store files for your applications or you can provide links to YouTube videos, etc.) This type of attachment works for larger files. If you move the file, remember to update the link.
  4. This step differs depending on what you selected for the type of attachment, above.
    If you will upload the file:
    • 1. Click the button to select the file on your computer.
    • 2. Select the file.
    • 3. Click the Upload Now button.
    If you will provide the link:
    • 1. Find the link to share the file (if you are using Dropbox, this is a special ‘Share’ code and is NOT just the address in the address bar).
    • 2. Copy and paste the link into the text field in the File Upload Window.
    • 3. Click the Upload Now button.
  5. Once the file is uploaded, you can verify that it was successfully attached by clicking the relevant link at the top of the File Upload Window.
  6. If you’re uploading Administrative Documents, you can use same the File Upload Window to attach multiple files in the same slot, so attach any other files, if necessary.
  7. Close the window when you are done.