How can I delete an application?

Applicants have the option to permanently delete from their account any application that has not yet been submitted.

Two things to note:

  1. Only applications that have not been submitted can be deleted. Once submitted, applications can no longer be archived or deleted.
  2. Only applicants can archive or delete their applications. Collaborators and administrators do not have the ability to delete applications.
(If you need help finding your application, read this: Finding Your Applications)

Deleting an Application

1. Archive the Application

Click the ‘Archive this Application’ link within the application


Click the trashcan icon next to the application on your My Account Home page

2. Access ‘My Account’ home page

Click the My Account Home button to return to your My Account Home page. (If you’re already on that page, just let the page reload and skip this step.)

3. Click into Archived section

4. Deleting your application

Click the ‘Delete” button to permanently delete the application.  Once you delete an application, it cannot be restored.
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