How can I verify that my application was submitted?

So you’re pretty sure that you submitted your application but the confirmation email hasn’t come through. Sometimes emails get lost. It happens. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder and add Notices[@] to your whitelist or safe senders list to ensure that messages come to you in the future. For now, though, you can verify that your application was submitted in four other ways.

Four Ways to Verify That Your Application Was Submitted

1. Verifying Timestamp (via Application)

In your application, the Submit button is replaced by a timestamp of when the application was submitted.  After you’ve clicked the Submit button, entered your initials, and submitted the application, you can refresh the page and check to see if the button has been replaced by a date and timestamp (in Pacific time) indicating when the application was submitted.

2. Checking Your Activity Log

In your application, the Activity Log has an entry indicating that the application was submitted. Click into the Activity Log tab* and look at the bottom of the entries. If the application was submitted, there will be two date and timestamped entries indicating when the application was submitted.

*This might not be available to you if the administrator has chosen to hide that tab from applicants.

3. Checking Your Submitted Applications (via My Account Home)

My Account Home/My Applications > Submitted Applications

On your My Account Home page, the application has moved from the Incomplete section to the Submitted section.  Log into your account on our homepage or click the My Account Home or My Applications button in the upper left corner of your account (below the organization logo) to go to your My Account Home page. Click into the Submitted section to verify that the application is now in that area.

4. Verifying Timestamp (via Print Preview)

In the Print Preview, there is date and timestamp of the application submission. Open up the Print Preview or PDF of the application and check for a date and timestamp in the box in the upper left section of the application, under the amount requested (if you were requested to provide that information).

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