Each organization or person needs their own account.

Because each account is tied to one organization or person, individual accounts must be created, using separate email addresses, for each organization or person. If you’re a grantwriter, you can get the email addresses from your clients and set up their accounts for them. If you’re submitting on behalf of different organizations, you may need to set up several email accounts or email aliases so that each ZoomGrants account has its own unique email address.

Other folks who need access to the applications can be added as collaborators.

Once the accounts are set up, you (or the account owner) can start the application(s) in the accounts. In each application, collaborators can be added to contribute to the application via their own account.

Collaborators are users who can access an application from a separate account. They can work on applications in many other users’ accounts in their single collaborator account.  However, they cannot submit the applications they have been invited to work on.

Collaborator access will give the collaborative user(s) the ability to work on the fields in the application (except the Applicant and Organization Information fields in the first tab of the application – those are editable only in the applicant account) and upload documents. 

The final submission of the application takes place in the applicant account, so be sure that they (or you) have access to the original account in order to submit the application. Later, if the application is approved, collaborator access can be updated in the applicant account to give you access to sign the contract or submit invoices or post-funding reports within that application.