Because of this auto-save feature, you do not ever need to intentionally save your application. As soon as you click outside of a field when you are done typing your answer and you see that ‘saving’ screen flash then disappear, your application has been updated and the latest version was saved. (Saving screen stuck? Read this.)

Editing your application…

The same concept applies if your application has been opened for editing or was updated after it was submitted – as soon as you see that ‘saving’ screen flash then disappear, the program administrator and committee can see the latest version of your answers. You do not need to re-submit your application.

Saving vs. Archiving Applications

Archiving an application is NOT the same as saving it

If you archive an application, you are indicating that you do not intend to submit that application. You will no longer receive email communications sent by the program administrator regarding that application. Additionally, archiving an application will actually move the application from the Incomplete section to the Archived section. We recommend archiving an application only if you do not intend to submit it

If you’re having trouble finding your application after you’ve started working on it, this article may help.