Extra Tab

Administrators and committee chairs can pose follow up questions to specific applicants via the Extra tab in each application.

How It Works

The admin or committee chair adds a question in that tab, then alerts the applicant to the presence of the follow-up question via the Activity Log or and email sent to that applicant.

Once the question is posed, the Extra tab will appear in the application in the applicant’s account. The applicant logs into their account, clicks into the Extra tab, and responds to the question in a paragraph-style text box. When they’re finished, they add their own entry to the Activity Log to let the admin know that an answer has been provided.

How To Set It Up

To give the Extra tab a different Tab Label:

Program Setup > Settings Tab >> General Applicant Settings

In Program Setup, click into the Settings tab. Scroll to the General Applicant Settings section.

Enter the desired label in the Extra Tab Label field.

Adding/Editing Follow Up Questions

  1. Open an application.
  2. Click into the Extra tab.
  3. Click the “Add/Edit a Question” link to add a question.
  4. Enter your question text.
  5. Alert the applicant.