Tab Labels

Customizable tab labels allow Administrators to rename tabs and features to match the vernacular used by their organization.

How It Works

Most of the tabs in the application are customizable, so you can give each tab a label that will make sense to your Applicants, Reviewers, and Administrators. While the re-labeling of tabs is very helpful, it does make it a bit more difficult for us to provide technical support that is universally applicable, so as you read through the other ZGU classes and call or email our office, please remember that we refer to tabs and features by their default labels in our Support materials.

Default Labels

Label Key

Tabs marked with an asterisk (*) are features that are optional and may not be included in the application on the applicant side. These tabs will need to be turned on within the Additional Program Modules setting in the Settings tab. Administrators and Applicants will only see those tabs that the administrator has chosen to turn on/use. Tabs listed in italics are available only to administrators in Program Setup.

Application Tabs

Basic program information and settings

Basic application information (including applicant contact information) and settings

Preliminary questions or requirements that may be completed and submitted for approval prior to the completion of the full application

Questions to be completed as part of the application

Budgetary information captured as part of the application

Tables to be completed as part of the application or the post-decision period

Files requested to be uploaded or linked as part of the application

Review/Reporting Tabs

Review settings and committee access controls

Scoring criteria and settings

Templates for communications and automatic notices sent to applicants

Custom fields and settings used to organize and manage applications

Text and documentation signed and/or completed by the approved applicants and administrators as part of a contracting or agreement process

Invoices and payments

Questions to be completed and submitted in post-decision reports by approved applicants

Which features can be relabeled?

The following tabs and features can be relabeled:

How To Set It Up (Program Setup)

In any Tab Label field, type in your desired text, then click outside the field. Refresh the page or reload the Applicant View to reveal the new tab label. We recommend using a label that is descriptive but not too long.