Inviting Collaborators to Work on an Application

Applicants can add other users to an application via the Collaborator feature.


If you’re the application owner, you can find the Collaborator feature near the bottom of the first tab of any application in your account. (If you’re not sure where to find your application, read more here.) Scroll down the page to the Collaborators section, then:

  1. Enter ONE email address into the Email Address field.
  2. Enter that person’s first name, last name, and their job title.
  3. Put a check in at least one of the Editing Access boxes. (See ‘Updating Collaborator Access‘, below.)
  4. Check the ‘Add to Additional Contacts‘ checkbox below the Email Address field if you’d like to also add that person as an additional contact.
  5. Click the Invite button.
  6. Repeat as necessary to invite your colleagues.