Inviting Collaborators to Work on an Application

Applicants can add other users to an application via the Collaborator feature.

Summary Tab (first tab of the application) > Collaborators

If you’re the application owner, you can find the Collaborator feature near the bottom of the first tab of any application in your account. (If you’re not sure where to find your application, read more here.) Scroll down the page to the Collaborators section, then:

  1. Enter ONE email address into the Email Address field.
  2. Enter that person’s first name, last name, and their job title.
  3. Put a check in at least one of the Editing Access boxes. (See ‘Updating Collaborator Access‘, below.)
  4. Check the ‘Add to Additional Contacts‘ checkbox below the Email Address field if you’d like to also add that person as an additional contact.
  5. Click the Invite button.
  6. Repeat as necessary to invite your colleagues.
Updating Collaborator Access
As far as collaborator access goes, until an application has been submitted and approved, only an Application checkbox will appear in the Editing Access columns.
After an application is approved and that decision is made visible in the applicant account, additional boxes will appear in the Editing Access section.



When an application is approved, applicants may need to come back to the Collaborators section of an application to give existing collaborators access to the new sections or to add additional collaborators.

The applicant can give the current collaborators additional editing access by putting checks in the other boxes that appear in the Editing Access section. (ZoomGrants staff, administrators, or other collaborators cannot update collaborator access.)


Confirming Collaborator Account Access
After you've finished inviting your collaborators, you can refresh the page or log back in later to check the Status column to see if those users have their accounts set up.

Until the user has an account, the Status column will display the word 'Invited' in grey, and you can click the 'remind' link to re-send the invitation with the temporary password and the link to the login page.

Invited users who have created their accounts or who already had accounts when they were invited will have a checkmark in the Status column.

Collaborator Credentials
When you click Invite, the system sends an invitation to that email address. The invitation email will come from Notices @, and they may need to check in their spam or junk folder.

That invitation includes a temporary password (if the invited user does not have an account already) or a password reminder (if the invited user already has an account). It also has a link to the Invitations page, where new users can finish setting up their collaborator accounts. Once the account has been created, all users have the option to log in on our homepage.

Revoking Collaborator Access
To revoke a collaborator's access to the application, click the grey trashcan icon. They'll no longer be able to view or edit the application in their account.
Adding Collaborators To Multiple Applications
If you have multiple applications in your account and there are people who need access to all of them, add them as a collaborator on each application (or consider sharing your login credentials so that you all have the same access).

More than one user can work in the same application at once (even in the same account, if you'd like!). Just be sure to read the note about the Auto-Save feature, below.