Primary Contact

For each application, administrators can set a Primary Contact – an administrative user who will receive email notifications regarding activity on that application.

How It Works

The Primary Contact receives an alert when the application is submitted, when an administrative action is requested on the Activity Log, when an Invoice or Report is submitted, or when the applicant has a question.

The Primary Contact set on an application overrides the Program Contact set up in the Program Summary tab in Program Setup – once the Primary Contact is set, the Program Contact will no longer receive emails regarding that application. However, the contact persons set up for the Pre-Application, Financial, and Reporting features receive email notifications in addition to the Primary Contact, as applicable.

On any application for which a Primary Contact has not been set, email notifications will go to the general Program Contact.

How To Set It Up

Program Setup > Setting Tab > Administrative Users

Before you begin assigning Primary Contacts, click into the Settings tab in Program Setup to make sure the correct administrators can access the program.

If there is a Senior Admin, check the boxes next to the appropriate administrative users to give them access.

If there is not a Senior Admin set for your organization, you can disregard this step, since every Admin will have access.

Application > Application Summary Tab > Setting

  1. Open up an application with the program.
  2. Click into the Application Summary tab.
  3. In the Setting box on the right side, use the Primary Contact dropdown to select the admin who you would like to receive notifications regarding that application.