Summary Tab Settings

Program Setup > Summary Tab

Grant Settings

Grant – accept applications submitted on behalf of organizations.

  • Summary Tab Label – This is the label on first tab in the application (see Tab Labels)
  • Summary Instructions – These are the instructions that will appear in the first tab of the application
  • Amount Requested Comment – This will appear underneath the Amount Requested field. Use this box to provide brief instructions or notes for the applicant, such as “$10,000 maximum request” or “CDBG request only”.
  • Secondary Amount Label – If you choose to input a label here, the applicant will be asked to provide an Amount Requested AND a secondary amount. You can use this to capture the total project cost or match amount, for example. If you leave this field blank, the secondary amount will NOT appear.
  • Organization Legal Name/Entity Name* – This is the label on the field that captures the legal name of the applicant organization.
  • Executive Director/Supervisor Label* – This is the label on the field that captures the name of the executive director of the applicant organization.

*The Organization and Applicant Information fields (applicant name, organization name, contact information, etc.) is tied to the applicant’s account. When they update the information in those fields in ANY application in their account, that change is instantly reflected in ALL applications in their account. You will not be able to use these fields to capture data that is unique a specific application, since any changes made in one application will change the data in all other applications owned by that applicant (whether they are for your organization or for another organization also using ZoomGrants). Please leave these fields to capture the organization legal name and executive director, though you can change the wording if you wish.

Scholarship Settings

Scholarship – solicit applications submitted on behalf of individuals.

  • Summary Tab Label
  • Summary Instructions
  • Include Application Title (Yes or No)
  • Application Title Field Label (If included above)
  • Amount Requested
  • Amount Requested Comment
  • Secondary Amount Label
  • Secondary Amount Comment
  • Specify Gender (Yes or No)