1. Ask that the person who is leaving share their login credentials with you.
  2. Update the account credentials for the new person who will manage the account.
    • If the new email address to be tied to the account is not already in the system, request that they update their account credentials. Learn more here.
    • If the new email address to be tied to the account is already in the system, submit a request to merge the two accounts or to move the applications from the old account into the other account. Learn more here.
  3. Use a generic email address and password on your applicant account, if multiple people need full access to the application or if you anticipate a high level of user turnover.

Requesting Account Access

If the person has left your organization and you do not have access to the account or to their email inbox to retrieve a password reminder, you can submit a request to have the account transferred. Learn more here.