Not seeing a My Account Home page?

You are a collaborator. You’ll only have access to applications and sections that applicants have given you permission to access. Read more here.

Incomplete Applications

Applications that have not yet been submitted in programs that are still open and accepting applications or applications that have been opened for editing by the administrator will be in the Incomplete section.

Submitted Applications

Once submitted, applications are moved from the Incomplete to the Submitted section.

Approved/Declined Applications

When an administrator approves or declines an application then changes a setting to allow the applicant to see that official decision, the application is moved from the Submitted section into the Approved or Declined sections, accordingly.

If you have received notification from the admin that your application has been approved, but you are still seeing it in the Submitted section, they may have skipped a step and not yet allowed you to see the decision in your account. Let them know that they need to mark your application “Notified“.

Archived Applications

If an application is still incomplete (not submitted) when the program closes, it is automatically moved into the Archived section. Applications that are intentionally archived are also moved to the Archived section.

Be sure to check for your application in all of the relevant sections.

If you’re still not finding the application, you should consider if the application may actually be in someone else’s account. Each user’s account is accessible via one set of login credentials, so it could be that the application you are looking for is in one of your colleague’s accounts.

Contact us if you continue to have trouble. We can often help track down an application.

If you do not own any of your own applications and you do not land on the My Account Home page when you log in, you are a collaborator and therefore will only be able to access applications if the application owner expressly gives you access to the application. You can read more about collaborators here.