Applications List

ZoomGrants provides filtered applications lists to make it easy to view categorized sets of submitted and incomplete applications.

How It Works

Filter the applications

Set a filter on the Dashboard

Applications Section of Program DashboardFrom the Dashboard, click a section in the stacked bar chart (Undecided, Approved, Declined, Not Submitted) or the ‘View All’ button to access the applications list that displays the applications with that status. You can also click one of the custom status bars to access the applications lists for the applications with those unique tags/labels.

Set a filter in the Applications List

Click the filter icon in the upper right corner to update or set the filter to include different sets of applications. Use the checkboxes and dropdown to indicate which applications you’d like to include. Click the Set Filter button at the bottom of the filter list to set the filter and reload the page to show the appropriate list of applications.

The filter is built using AND statements. If you select options from multiple parameters, they will be combined to search for and display the relevant applications.

The filter icon will appear in front of a colored background if a filter is set. Click the icon then the “clear filter” link at the top of the filter section to remove the filter.

Choose a different set of applications

Click the tabs at the top of the applications list to display different sets of applications.

Administrator Access
Administrators have access to the lists of submitted applications, applications that have submitted pre-applications (as applicable), and incomplete applications.
Reviewer Access
Reviewers have access to the lists of submitted applications and those that have submitted pre-applications (if applicable).

Sort the applications within the list

Click the column headers to sort the applications list by that column.

Review the applications

View an application
Click the application title link.
Download a PDF of the application
Click the PDF link.
Open the Print Preview of an application
Click the Print link.
Download ALL applications as PDFs in a .ZIP file
Click the Download All Apps as PDF button.

Update the applications

If you’re an admin, use the batch and list update features to update the application labels, statuses, or settings.

Other Applications List Actions