Program Dashboard

The Program Dashboard presents a snapshot of the status of your Program – what recent Activities occurred, how many Applications have been submitted, are there any Applications that need attention, etc. It also provides quick access to many of the Review Tools and categorized lists of Applications, Invoices, and Payments.

How It Works

Dashboard Tabs

Prominently displayed on the Dashboard are the Program-Level tabs. Use those tabs to quickly navigate to specific features and lists.

  • Programs – Click to head back to your Programs page.

Click to view the Applications List, keeping in mind that it will pick up whichever filter you used last. If the last Applications List you looked at was the list of Undecided Applications, for example, clicking on the Applications tab will return you to that list with that filter.

Click to view the Scoring Report

Click to view the Financial Report

Click to view the Reporting Report

Click to generate custom reports or to export your data. See Data Tab for more information.

Click to update the Program settings or content, manually close the Program, add Reporting periods, etc.

Dashboard Content

In the stacked bar charts showing the breakdown of the applications by Official Decision or by Pre-Application Decision (if applicable), click in one the sections of the bars (Undecided, Approved, or Declined) or the "View All" button at the bottom of that section to view the Applications List filtered accordingly.
Custom Status(es)
(This would be whatever Custom Statuses you set up in the Internal Research tab in Program Setup.) – In the pie or bar charts showing the breakdown of the applications by Custom Status, click one of the bars or pie sections to access the Applications List filtered by that status.
Saved Reports
Click to view any of the saved reports that you or another Admin created in the Data tab.
In the stacked bar charts displaying the breakdown of invoices and payments by status, click in one of the sections of the bars (Paid, Approved, Pending, or Declined) to view a list of the relevant items filtered by that status. To see all of the Invoices and Payments, click the Financial tab to access the Financial Report.
Activity Stream
Check out the latest activities within that program. Click Show More to view additional activities or click Sortable Version to open the complete Activity Stream in a new window.
Check out a map of the locations of the organizations that submitted applications. We update the map after your deadline passes. Let us know if you’d like us to update it again after you’ve made your decisions.

How To Set It Up

Dashboard content comes standard with each program. Click the Edit Dashboard Items link to change what is displayed on the Dashboard. If you check the box to show an additional Custom Status or the Financial section, you may need to refresh the page to show the charts properly.