Create/Copy a Program

Whether you’re building an entirely new program or using an existing one as a template, you’ll start by creating a new program. As an admin, it’s easy to create new programs in your ZoomGrants account at any time. After you’ve created the new program, you can start setting it up right away.

Creating a New Program

  1. From your Account Home page, click into the Account Details tab.Account Details
    Not seeing the 'Account Details' tab?

    You may not have senior admin access. Contact a senior admin in your organization to request a new program.

  2. Click the button to create the appropriate type of program.
    • Grants accept applications submitted on behalf of organizations.
    • Scholarships solicit applications submitted on behalf of individuals.Create New Program
  3. After you’ve created a new program, we’ll contact you regarding the invoicing process. The Balance Due column on your My Account Home page will indicate the remaining balance due for that new program. Once it reflects $0 due, your program is ready to go live!Balance Due
    Only paid programs can go live.

    Unpaid programs cannot accept applications and will not be available to your applicants, even if your open date has arrived. Please be sure to pay for your programs prior to their respective open date. You can always contact Billing[@]

Copying an Existing Program into a New Program

If you use the same kinds of questions every year, you can use an existing program as a template for this year’s program.

  1. In the new program (one that has never been opened to accept applications), go into Program Setup and click into the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll down to just below the Currency field and click the Copy a Program button.
  3. Use the fields on the right to indicate what program you’d like to copy into this one. Copy Program Button
    • Choose one of your own programs from the dropdown. You’ll find all of the programs that are currently in your organization’s account.
    • Enter the Access Key to copy a program from another organization’s account. Admins can find the access keys to share their programs in Program Setup, in the Settings tab. They can send you that link, and you can paste it into the Access Key field in Program Setup of your new program.
  4. Confirm in the popup window.

The system will copy the content from the selected program into the new program.

What’s included:

  • Program information
  • Instructions
  • Basic settings
  • Questions
  • Document Requests


What’s NOT included:

  • Submitted applications
  • Document attachments
    • Library documents
    • Doc request templates
  • User Assignments
  • Deadlines

As the note on the page suggests, copying a program will overwrite any existing content in the new program and cannot be undone.

Once you’ve copied the content into the new program, add your open and close dates and tweak the settings and content to meet your current needs.

Avoid an accidental re-copy.

If you copy the program and then reload the page using the refresh button in the same session without ever leaving the Program Setup page, using the refresh button may trigger the system to re-copy the program and therefore erase all of your changes. To avoid this, when you first copy the program, first return to your My Account page before refreshing the page. Once you’re out of the program, click the program title to return to it. You can now reload the page safely in the future.

Want to learn even more?

All ZoomGrants administrators are invited to join our Tuesday Trainings – weekly training webinars that help administrators learn about how to set up and manage their programs. Learn more here.

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