Did you create your own account? OR Did you receive an email invitation to collaborate on an existing application?
You likely have an Applicant account.

Applicants can create their own applications.

Please see this help article for more information:

Creating a New Application

You likely have a Collaborator account.

Collaborators can work on others’ applications but cannot create their own.

Please see this help article for more information:

Collaborators and Additional Contacts

If you continue to have trouble creating an application after reading over the above resource, feel free to contact us.

If there is someone else at your organization who already has an applicant account, consider asking them to create the application and invite you as a collaborator. This will ensure that all of your organization’s applications stay in a single account.

If you need to be the person who owns your organization’s account, please read the last section of this article then contact us.

If you still need to submit an application or are not part of an organization, anyway, we can change your account type for you. Please contact us with that request.