Scoring Report

Within Program Setup, a program’s Dashboard, or any application, click on the Scoring tab in the upper row of tabs to open the Scoring Report, which provides a synthesis of the scores, votes, and recommendations of the Committee.

How It Works

Within the Scoring Report, you can play with Trial Decisions and Amounts and adjust the overall score of any Application. Click on any column header to sort by that column, and use the settings bar below the Program title to change the filter or select a different Report Type.

Report Types

Question Averages (anonymous)
This is the default view, in case you open up the Scoring Report during a public meeting. Only the Question Averages and Totals appear. Individual Reviewer scores and votes are hidden.
Grand Totals (anonymous)
This view will hide the individual question averages to allow you to focus on the grand total, which is the total of the average committee score plus the administrator score.
Reviewer Totals (completed)
This view shows the total scores on all the applications that each Reviewer has finished scoring. If a Reviewer has started to assign scores but has not yet chosen a score for each Scoring Question, no score will appear. “N/A” indicates that a Reviewer was not assigned to review that application.
Reviewer Totals (incomplete)
This view displays all of the scores assigned by each Reviewer, even if they haven’t finished scoring the application. If a Reviewer has not assigned any scores, no score will appear for that Reviewer. “N/A” indicates that a Reviewer was not assigned to review that application.
Reviewer Recommended Amounts
This view shows the Recommended Funding Amount of each Reviewer for each submitted application.
Individual Reviewer Assignments
This view does not pertain to the scores themselves but rather allows Administrators to quickly assign applications to Reviewers or see how applications have already been assigned. This is the view that is pulled up when you click the Assign Applications button in the Committee tab in Program Setup.
Olympic Scoring
Olympic Scoring, applied either to the Reviewer Totals (completed) or the Reviewer Totals (incomplete) views, strips out the highest and the lowest values before averaging the remaining values. This helps compensate for overly enthusiastic or overly critical reviews.

Be sure to check out the helpful buttons at the bottom of the Scoring Report window – Export Raw Scores & Votes, View Committee Scores & Comments, Send Email to Full Committee, and Send Email to Incomplete Committee (in the Reviewer Totals (completed) views). Click the Show Scoring Questions link near the bottom of the window to view the scoring criteria.

As you’re looking at the Scoring Report, please keep in mind that you may be seeing a filtered list of applications, depending on where you were in the Program when you clicked the Scoring tab. If, for example, you were in the Applications List with a filter that showed just the applications with a specific Custom Status, the Scoring Report is subjected to the same filter. To see if you are seeing a filtered view, scroll to the bottom of the list of applications in the Scoring Report and check to see how many applications are displayed and how many (if any) are not included in that view.  You can remove the filter by clicking the filter icon in the top right section of the page, then clicking the “Clear Filter” link.