How to Accept a Late, Emailed/Hardcopy, or Special Application

If you are an applicant, please note that you must submit the application in accordance to the guidelines given by the administering organization. They may not allow for late or emailed submissions, and they have the only say in what will be accepted.

Accepting a Late Application

If you have an applicant that needs to submit their application late, you can reopen just their application to allow them to complete and submit it.

Programs > Applications Tab > Incomplete Applications Tab >> Application Summary Tab > Settings

  1. Find the application. Find their application in the Incomplete Applications list. Click the application title to go into the application.
  2. Open the application. In the Application Summary tab, scroll down slightly and look for the grey Settings box on the right side. There, you’ll find an ‘Open for Editing‘ checkbox. Put a check in that box to open the application for editing.

The applicant will be able to complete the application and submit it. Once they’ve submitted the application, you can go back into the Settings section and uncheck the box to lock the application once again.

This process will also work if you’ve asked an applicant to create and submit a duplicate of an existing application in the same program. After they’ve created the duplicate, you can find the application in the incomplete applications list and open it for editing.

Accepting a New Application… Late

Accepting an Application Submitted Offline

If you’re still in your transition period and need to accommodate applicants who are unable to submit via the online portal, you can still create an online record in ZoomGrants of the applications that are submitted in another way. While we recommend that all applicants submit their applications online for the sake of simplicity, we understand that that is not always a possibility, especially as you make your transition from a paper-based to an online process.

If you are an applicant reading this help article, please note that you must submit your application according to the requirements of the funding organization. Not all organizations will accept applications submitted via paper or email and they have the only say in what will be accepted.

1. Create an applicant account for the applicant.

All applicants need to have an applicant account in order to have an application record. Just as online applicants can, you can create an account on your organization’s ZoomGrants page or on the page that is specific to your program.

Program Setup > Settings Tab > Availability Settings OR Publishing/Sharing Settings

Find the link to your program in Program Setup, in the Settings tab, and copy it. Log out of your admin account and paste the link into a new tab. When you get to that page, create an applicant account.

If possible, it’s best to set up the account using their real email address. They’ll receive a welcome email and can use that account to access the application and submit other applications in the future. (Please give them a heads up before creating the account so that they understand why they’re getting a welcome email.)  Once you create the account, you’ll be logged into it automatically.

2. Start the application.

If your program is already open, click the Apply button to create the application.

If your program has since closed, use the instructions above to open the program to accept a late application.

3. Enter the contact information.

In the first tab of the application, fill out the contact information fields and provide the basic application information (title, requested amount, etc.).

4. Fill out the application.

Enter the data that you’d like to make visible in the online version of the application. How much data you input is up to you – you can complete the entire application or just part of it.

5. Submit the application.

If you completed the entire application (including all presented questions and required document requests), you can click the Submit button to submit the application.

If you only completed part of the application, our tech support folks can force-submit it for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page and get the five digit application ID number to send to the support team. If you anticipate having multiple applications to force-submit, please send all of the application ID numbers in one batch.


Once you (or the ZG support team) have submitted the application, it’s as if the applicant did it themselves – the record will be available in the online program and can be accessed by other admins and your reviewers (as applicable). If you’d like, you can upload a PDF version of the submitted application as an admin doc.

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