Friendly URL’s

In addition to using the ZoomGrants-generated links to provide applicants with access to programs, admins can also create “friendly URLs” that are more intuitive and easier for applicants to type.

For each organization account, there are two types of friendly URLS:

A URL for all open programs for that organization
This would be a link that you could post on your website that provides a list of all of your programs that are currently accepting applications. This link never needs to be changed - it will always provide access to anything that is open to receive applications.
A URL for each program in the organization account
This would be a link that would provide access to a specific program, for a specific cycle. This link needs to be updated each time you open a new program - it will only work for ONE program.

Creating & Editing Friendly URLs

Setting the Friendly URL for All Open Programs

Account Settings > Account Details Tab > Publishing Tab

From the Account Details tab, click into the Publishing tab.

Not seeing the 'Account Details' tab?

You may not have senior admin access. Contact a senior admin in your organization to complete the friendly URL setup.

  1. Scroll down until you reach the Friendly URL section. There, you can edit or create the friendly URL for the page that shows all of your organization’s open programs.
  2. Type your custom ending to the friendly URL or click the “Click here” link to use the ZoomGrants suggestion.

Organization Friendly URL

Once this is set, you can use the friendly URL or your account default URL (found in Program Setup, in the Settings tab of any program) to provide your applicants with access to the open programs.

Changing a Friendly URL

If you choose to change a friendly URL, the old URL will no longer take users to your program(s).

Setting the Friendly URL for a Specific Program

Unlike the Friendly URL for all open programs (above), the friendly URL for a specific program is set in Program Setup of that program.

Program Setup > Settings Tab > Availability Settings

From Program Setup, click into the Settings tab, then scroll to the Friendly URL setting in the Availability Settings section.

  1. If a friendly URL has been set, it will be displayed there. If it has not been set, click the “Manage My Program’s Friendly URL” link.
  2. Type the custom ending of the friendly URL, or click the “Click here” link to use the one that ZG suggests.

RFP/Program Friendly URL


  • Double check the URL that you’ve posted and compare it to the URL in the Account Details or Settings tab. It’s possible that another admin may have edited the URL.
  • If you’re using a link to a specific program, be sure that the link is correct for this cycle of the program. If you’re using a link from last year’s program, you’ll need to update your friendly URLs and make sure you’re using the link for the latest cycle of the program.
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