Auto-Save Feature

The ZoomGrants auto-save feature is a user favorite. Learn more about it below.

How does ZoomGrants save my work?

As you click through the fields, the system will automatically save your changes. This applies if you’re an admin setting up your program, an applicant or collaborator entering your data into an application, or a reviewer completing your review. 

You’ll see a quick flash of a ‘Saving’ screen that will indicate that your update is being saved. When it disappears, that field has been updated and you can move on to the next field.

When you input text into a text field then click outside of that field, you’ll see that ‘Saving’ screen flash and your answer will be saved. Similarly, when you make a selection in a multiple choice or checkbox question field, the ‘Saving’ screen will flash and your answer will be saved.

Applicants: You don’t need to click a ‘save’ button, nor should you archive an application (unless you don’t intend to submit it). You can log out and log back in as many times as you need to, to finish the application!

Reviewers: You don’t have to click a button to save and send your scores to  the administrator. Your review is saved as you input it, so the admin can see your selection in the review fields as you progress through the applications.

Admins: Changes made in your programs will be saved instantly and automatically, with a few exceptions:

  • Adding new questions
  • Editing existing questions
  • Creating new document requests

Saving Formatted vs. Unformatted Text

If you’re copying and pasting text from a different location into the fields on ZG, be sure that you are pasting unformatted text onlySpecial characters and formatting can prevent a proper save. 

Admins can use HTML to add formatting to certain fields in the application. Read more about that here.


Saving screen stuck? Read this.


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