Admins can ask applicants to upload or link an unlimited number of files to their applications via document requests.

How It Works

Documents can be optional uploads or required for submittal for your application.

You can also provide a template for applicants to download, fill out, then upload to their application as well. You can also upload your own Administrative Documents to each application.

How To Set It Up

Turn On the Feature

    1. Click into the Settings tab.
    2. Turn the Documents Module ‘on’.
    3. Click into the Documents tab.
    4. Give it a Tab Label and provide instructions for your applicants.

Create Document Requests

Create your requests using the Add a Document Request box:

  1. Add a description of the requested file
  2. Choose your settings.
    • Required – will alert applicants that there MUST be something in that slot in order for the application to be submitted (see note below)
    • Trigger an email – will send admin users an email whenever any applicant uploads something in that slot
    • Hide from Reviewers – will keep reviewers from seeing whatever the applicants upload in that slot
    • Allow External Upload  – will allow applicants to send a link to someone to upload a file to that slot in their application without needing to be logged in (learn more here)
  3. Click the Add a Document Request button to create the request.
    NOTE: Applicants can upload an unlimited number of files on each document request. If you want to add an catch-all request for “Additional Documents”, you only need to create a single slot – applicants can put as many files as they need in that slot.
  4. Upload a Template – Once you’ve created the request, you’ll see an Upload Template button to the right of the request in the document requests list. Click it to upload a document template.
    • To delete a template, click the delete link next to the link to the template under the document request.
  5. Use the Applicant View to check the document request setup.

Edit a Request

To edit a request in the document requests list, click the grey pencil icon next to that request. You can edit the description, select a new location from the dropdown menu, or check the boxes to mark it required, hide it from reviewers, set an email trigger, or allow external uploads.

Delete a Request

To delete a request, click the grey trash can. This will remove the request and any associated documents that have been uploaded in that slot.

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A Note about Required Documents

If a document request is marked as “required”, EVERY applicant MUST upload something in that slot. If you choose to make it “required”, no applicant will be able to submit their application without satisfying that requirement, regardless of what you type in the instructions or tell them in your trainings.

“Required” documents will be required in ALL applications. Applicants cannot submit without something uploaded or linked in each required document slot.

If you are hosting multiple types of applications in a single program and a document is required from applicants submitting one type of application but not another, we recommend using one of two options:

    1. Do not set the document request to be “required”. Be explicitly clear in your instructions and in the document request description that the request is required for certain applicants. For example, the description for a document request that is required for applicants submitting “Blue” applications have a description like this:
      “REQUIRED FOR BLUE APPLICATIONS: 501(c)(3) Designation Letter”
    2. Set the document request to be “required”, and provide instructions for your applicants as to how they can exempt themselves. Upload an exemption document as a template that your applicants can download and upload back into that slot to satisfy the system requirement without needing to upload an additional document, if the request does not apply to them and is still marked “required”.

If the different types of applications are significantly dissimilar and it is critical that you be able to require different types of files from different applicants, you may need to split your program into multiple programs, which would allow you to add document requests and make them “required” as necessary.

Other Document Request Locations

In addition to the Document tab, Document Requests can be created and set up in the below modules:

  • Pre-Application – Documents are requested along with the rest of the pre-application content and can be required components of the pre-application submittal.
  • Invoices – Documents are requested on and associated with a specific Invoice.
  • Reports – Documents are requested and submitted during each reporting period. (Adding one document request and setting it to appear in the Reports means that each report will have a copy of that document request in which applicants can upload files pertinent to that report.)

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