If you’re an organization using ZoomGrants to receive applications online, we’ve made the billing process easy to understand. Read on for complete details. 

**If you’re simply using ZoomGrants to submit applications, this article isn’t for you – you can use ZoomGrants free of charge!**

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What do I pay for?

There are three categories of payments for all organizations using ZoomGrants to receive applications:

  1. Annual Subscription
  2. Program/RFP Fees
  3. Activation Fee

Annual Subscription

Your organization’s annual subscription covers your access to ZoomGrants and its tools and functionality. This also includes unlimited Users, unlimited Technical Support, and access to accept up to 500 applications to an open program for 365 days (at base pricing).

If you choose to stop using ZoomGrants to administer programs, you can export your data and close your account, or you maintain your access to existing programs by continuing to renew your annual subscription.

Program/RFP Fees

We call them “programs” or “RFPs”. You may call them “funding opportunities”, “RFAs”, or “What We Do Every April”. By any name, these are what you use to capture the applications and, later in the process, the reports and invoices.

When you pay for a standard program, that gives you the ability to:

  • Receive up to 500 applications for a full 365 day period after the first open date, and then
  • Manage post-application activities (reviewing, awarding, contracting, reporting, etc.) for as long as you maintain your ZoomGrants annual subscription.

This means you could open a program on March 1, receive applications until you close the program on April 30, and then open and close it again as many times as you want until February 28 of the next year (or February 29 during leap years – bonus day!). After that, you can take as long as you need to review the applications and make your decisions, and then you can receive invoices and up to 24 reports from your approved applicants in perpetuity (so long as you renew the subscription).

Rolling Deadline?

If you run a program with a rolling deadline, you can continue to use the same ZoomGrants program to capture applications for multiple years – simply pay the program fee for the next year.

Activation Fee

This is a one-time fee for new customers that covers the cost of basic onboarding and setup.

Is there anything else I might be charged for?

If you request onsite training, data entry or manipulation by ZoomGrants staff, or a custom-coded feature or function unique to your process, there may be a fee. In all cases, you’ll be alerted beforehand, and we’ll discuss your needs and any potential costs before you make your decision.

How will I be invoiced?

The First Invoice

When you first create your organization’s ZoomGrants account, we’ll send an invoice for the annual subscription and the activation fee, as well as program fees for any programs that you’ve created and intend to use.

Your subscription begins the day that you sign up, and we’ll give you 30 days to send in your payment. In the meantime, you can start exploring and setting up your programs – just be sure to get that payment in promptly, as you won’t be able to open your programs to receive applications until the balance due is removed.

This first invoice is your introduction to our billing folks, so please let us know to whom we should send invoices and if you have any particular requirements in your process of which we should be aware.

If there is a mistake in your organization information on the invoice...
Tell us. We will get it fixed.
If you have been invoiced for programs you do not intend to use...
Let us know. We will remove them from your account and the invoice.
If you will split the subscription cost with another department...
Send us an email. We will split the cost, send an additional invoice to the other department, and make a note in your customer profile.
Splitting the subscription? Make sure everyone pays on time.

We cannot renew your subscription until we receive the full subscription payment. If necessary, please coordinate with other departments to ensure prompt payment.

Subsequent Invoices

Annual Subscription
Sixty days before your subscription is set to expire, we will send an invoice for your subscription renewal. Please send in your payment promptly to ensure continued normal use of your account.
Additional Programs

When an admin in your account creates a new program, we will send an invoice within 1-2 business days.

As with the subscription, please send in your payment promptly. Though you can set up the program even before it is paid for, you will not be able to receive applications in that program until its balance due is removed after receipt of payment.

If you intend to add other programs or if the program was created in error, let us know. We can easily add other programs to the same invoice or remove an unnecessary program from your account and the invoice.

How can I pay?

We gladly accept checks sent to our office – 44 Cook Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80206. We can also help set up a bank transfer.

If you’d like to pay by credit card, that works, too! Just let us know, as we’ll need to add a credit card fee to the invoice.