Internal Research

Each application has its own set of Internal Research fields to use in your internal process of managing applications.

How It Works

Program Setup > Internal Research Tab

What are they?

Essentially, the Internal Research fields replace the “for internal use only” sections of paper or PDF-based applications. Admins have 40 internal research question fields and a large notes field to track internal processes on each application.

Here's an Example:

Let’s say your organization assigns its own accounting number to each approved application. You’d set that up as a field in the Internal Research tab in Program Setup, and any administrator can input the accounting numbers.

Who can see them?

All committee members (reviewers and administrators assigned to the program) can see answers to Internal Research questions and notes. Applicants cannot see any Internal Research fields unless they are included on Invoices or in Public-Facing Reports.

How to Set It Up

Program Setup > Internal Research Tab

In Program Setup, click into the Internal Research tab. Then give the feature a label that your committee members will recognize.

  1. Type your internal tracking/processing fields into the available boxes. Each field that you enter in Program Setup will have its own answer field (a paragraph-style text box) on each application.
  2. Choose your settings.
    Include on Invoice?
    Check this box to show this question and the answer in a section of each invoice.
    Allow as Subtitle on Public-Facing Reports?
    Check this box to have the option tack the answer to this question onto the end of the application title in a Public-Facing Report.

Updating Internal Research Answers

Updating Individual Applications

  1. Click on an application title link to open that application.

    Click into the Application Summary tab, then scroll down to the Internal Research section.

  2. Fill in the appropriate field.

Updating Multiple Applications

Entering SAME ANSWER on multiple applications at once
Use the Batch Update feature on the Applications List.
Entering a DIFFERENT ANSWER on multiple applications at once
Use the List Update feature on the Applications List.