Section Titles

In the Pre-Application, Application Questions, and Report tabs as well as the Scoring section of the Review Tools, you can set up Section Titles to denote new sections of the application, reporting content, or scoring criteria, and you can add Section Descriptions to provide additional information at the top of each section.

Program Setup > Pre-Application Tab

Program Setup > Application Questions Tab

Program Setup > Report Tab

Program Setup > Scoring Tab

How To Set It Up (Program Setup)

When you set up Section Titles and Descriptions, formatting is very important. There are six components to each title:

  1. Question # – ABOVE which question do you want the title to appear?
  2. Tilde – This character: “~”
  3. Title Text – What do you want the title to say?
  4. Open Square Bracket – This character: “[“
  5. Description Text – What do you want the description to say?
  6. Close Square Bracket – This character: “]”

Each title should be on its own line. There should be no spaces between the number, tilde, and first letter of the title text.
When setting up Section Titles, the text box in the Section Titles setup field should look something like this:

1~Section Title[Section Description]


1~Section A – Organization Information[Please answer the following questions to provide basic organization information. If a question does not apply to you, please enter N/A.]

Here’s an example of what it looks like in Program Setup of our demo program:

And here’s how it looks for the applicants in that demo program:

The color of the description text will match the color of your section titles.


Using the Applicant View
You can use the Applicant View to check your work.
When to add Section Titles
We recommend that you add Section Titles after you’ve finalized your applicant content, reporting questions, or scoring criteria – if you need to change any questions or move anything around, it will save you from having to change the Section Titles multiple times.
Deleting Questions
Remember that if you delete any questions you will need to change the question numbers in the Section Titles so that they appear in the correct location after questions are moved.