Application Questions

Administrators have full control over program content and settings in their ZoomGrants program. You decide how to pose the necessary questions and set up the requirements to get the data your organization needs to make solid decisions.

How It Works

Admins can select from a variety of question types and supplement the questions with Section Titles and a Branching Question feature that allow organizations to really make the applications their own.

ZoomGrants has a check for completion feature that verifies applicants have answered all of the presented questions and satisfied document upload requirements before allowing them to submit their applications.

The Budget and Tables tabs are not considered questions and are therefore exempted from the check for completion, as are any Document Requests not marked ‘required’.

How To Set It Up

Program Setup > Application Questions

  1. In Program Setup, click into the Application Questions tab.
  2. Add a Tab Label and instructions.
    • Use some HTML formatting, if you’d like to add some live links or pizazz to your instructions.
  3. Add the application content – click the Add a Question button to start creating questions (skip the Section Titles and Branching Question for now). Keep in mind that the following items are automatically requested in the Summary tab:
    Asked of ALL Applicants:

    • Applicant’s email address
    • Applicant’s first and last name
    • Application Title (if required)
    • Dollar Amount Requested (if required)
    • Address- city, state, zip, country
    • Telephone
    • Fax

    Asked of Organizations only:

    • Organization name
    • Website
    • EIN, DUNS, CAGE, and SAM expiration date (if required)
    • CEO/Exec. Director (and contact info)
    • Program Contact (and contact info)
  4. Add Section Titles or a Branching Question, if applicable, when you’re finished adding questions.
  5. Set up the Widget feature (if desired – see instructions below).
  6. Use the Applicant View to check your work.


The Widget feature allows applicants to paste an embed code from a third-party tool, like a YouTube video or Google map of their project into their application.  If utilized, this field will appear at the top of the Application Questions tab and the file will be viewable to reviewers and administrators right at the top of that tab in the application itself.

If you’d like to use this feature, enter text in the Widget Label field at the bottom of the Application Questions tab and add some instructions for your applicants.

Applicants Must Enter an Embed Code

In order for the video or map to be displayed, the applicant must enter the embed code, not a simple URL. The embed code contains special information that the system needs to display the file.