Application Summary

Within each application, there is an Application Summary tab that includes general information and settings for the application.

How It Works

The Application Summary tab includes…

  1. Organization Information – including IRS and SAM verifications (if applicable)
  2. Application Information – name and contact information for the applicant who submitted the application and date submitted, submit dates, and a Send Email button to contact that applicant and their additional contacts via your email client
  3. Applicant History – overview of other ZoomGrants applications submitted to the funding organization by that applicant and access to a Full Applicant History with additional details
  4. Application SettingsPrimary Contact, Custom Status, Official Decision Comment, Funding Instructions, Funding Date, ‘Open for Editing’, and ‘Notified of Official Decision’ (now in the Official Decision bar, next to the Official Decision field)
  5. Additional Contacts – list of other email addresses set up to receive email notifications for this application
  6. Collaborators – other users who have been invited to work on this application
    Applicants Control Collaborator Access

    Access to the application is completely controlled by the applicant, so if they need to add new folks or update the access of existing users, that can easily be done in the applicant account. ZoomGrants staff is not authorized to make any changes to collaborator access.

  7. Internal Research fields
  8. Activity and Audit Logs