Testing the Committee Experience

Once you’ve set up the application and tested the Applicant Experience by submitting an application, it’s a good idea to go through the process as a Reviewer assigned to the Committee to get a feel for what your Committee Members will experience. It also gives you a chance to practice adding users, creating/assigning Committees, scoring applications, making decisions and notifying Applicants.

How To Set It Up

Below are instructions for reviewing applications as a Reviewer. Actions that you need to complete in your Administrator account begin with “ADMIN” while actions completed in the applicant account begin with “REVIEWER”.

  1. ADMIN: Create a Reviewer account by following the instructions in the Manage Users class.
    You must use a different email address than the one used in your test applicant or Administrator account.
  2. ADMIN: Assign the Reviewer to the Committee for the program.

    In the Committee tab, check the box next to the Reviewer User ID (email address).

    • If you’re doing an assigned review, make the appropriate assignments by clicking the Assign Applications button.
  3. REVIEWER: Log into your Reviewer account.

    If you use a different browser to log into your Reviewer account, you can stay logged into both your Reviewer and Administrator accounts. This way, you can change the blind review, assigned review, Notes, and Discussion settings to see how the features appear in the Reviewer accounts. Change the setting in the Admin account, then refresh the page in the Reviewer account to see the change.

  4. REVIEWER: Click the program title link to open the Program Dashboard.
  5. REVIEWER: Click the grey Undecided section in the My Review stacked bar chart to open the Applications List.
  6. REVIEWER: Click the application title link to open that application.
  7. REVIEWER: Click through the top row of tabs to ‘review’ the application.
  8. REVIEWER: Click the Review Tools button to score the application, cast your vote, and (if you voted to approve the application) enter a recommended amount.
  9. ADMIN: Open the application and click into the Review Tools to view the Reviewer scores and votes.
  10. ADMIN: Click the program-level Scoring tab to view the Scoring Report.
  11. ADMIN: Make an Official Decision in the Decisions bar.
  12. ADMIN: ‘Notify’ the applicant by clicking into the Application Summary tab and checking the ‘Notified’ box in the Settings section on the right side.

After you’ve finished testing the Committee experience, you can return to the applicant account to test out the Reports and Invoices and Payments (once you’ve setup those features).