Tech Tips for Applicants Submitting Applications

Technical Requirements

To use ZoomGrants to submit applications, you’ll need a computer, internet access, and a valid email address. Don’t have an email address? It’s easy to sign up for a free one on services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

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What devices can I use?

You can access ZoomGrants via any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets, and phones. A printer may also be handy if you’d like to print saved PDF copies of your application and any post-decision reports or invoices that you are required to submit (if applicable).

Depending on the specific requirements set up in each opportunity, you may also need access to a scanner. Click the Contact Admin tab in the application if you need additional information about the particulars of an application.

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What browser do I need?

ZoomGrants can be accessed using recent versions of nearly any browser.  However, for the best user experience, we recommend using the most recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. (You can download the latest version of those browsers by visiting their websites or by going to

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Application Process

Once you have created your ZoomGrants account, you can use it to create and submit applications on behalf of your organization (or yourself, as applicable) to any organization that uses ZoomGrants to capture applications. If your application is approved and the organization has requested invoices or reports, you’ll use the same account to log in to submit those components, and the same account can be used to submit applications year after year.

How do I save my application?

ZoomGrants will save your progress automatically via an auto-save feature that triggers as soon as you click outside of a field. For example, if you’re finished with a text response and you mouse into the next text box, you’ll see a brief flash of a saving screen. Learn more about the auto-save feature here: How does the auto-save feature work?

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Can I invite others to work on my application?

You sure can! If you share your login credentials with other folks, they can also log into your account and work on your application(s) directly and can even use your account to submit them.

You can also invite other users to work on the application(s) as collaborators, which will give them the ability to contribute data to the application while you retain the ability to submit the completed application. If your application is selected and the organization is requesting invoices or reports, you can update your collaborator’s access or add new collaborators to work on those specific components, as well.

Work Smart

Whether you’re sharing your account or inviting collaborators, we recommend that, when working on the application at the same time, each user works in a different section or in different questions to avoid accidental overwriting.

If two users are working in the same question at the same time, the last person to auto-save their answer by clicking outside the box will overwrite anything that has been saved by others previously. Be sure to check with your colleagues and use the Refresh Page button often during the process to see the latest version of the application and ensure that you aren’t overwriting one another’s data.

Can I copy and paste text into my application?

Absolutely! It may be easier for you to craft your text responses in a word processor and then copy/paste them into your online application.

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To facilitate a consistent reading experience for the reviewers who will look over your application, ZoomGrants saves unformatted text only. Bold, italicized, or underlined text will not come across in a copy/paste from a word processor. However, you can use other methods of formatting your text to help give your long responses some character (no pun intended!).

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HTML formatting will not work in the application text fields. Use other methods of formatting your text instead.

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How do the word/character counts work?

ZoomGrants allows admins to customize their programs with unique character limits on each paragraph-style answer box and sets standard character limits in other fields. In ZoomGrants, a character counts as anything that takes up space in a text field, including letters, numbers, symbols, spaces, and carriage returns. Be aware that characters that exceed the limit may be removed after pasting text into the application. Learn more about the character counter here: How does the character counter work?

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How do I save a copy of my application?

Remember that the application content will be saved automatically as you move through the application, so there’s no need to save the online version of the application. However, if you want to view or save a PDF version of your application, you can do that in multiple locations:

  • When you’re looking at the online version of your application, you can click the Print/Preview button to open up the print preview of your current application.
  • On the My Account Home page, click the printer icon next to any application to open the print preview of that application.

In the print preview window, you can use the links in the upper right corner to email the preview linksave the preview as a PDF, or print the preview.

This preview is a great way for you or your colleagues to double check your application content, since accessing it via your account or via the emailed link will present the latest version of whatever you have in your application. Just be sure to refresh or reload the print preview page after making changes in the online version of the application to see the most recently saved data.

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Application Submittal

Before we dive into the specifics, here are two recommendations regarding submitting your application:

Submit early.

It shows initiative, timeliness, confidence and can also cut down on deadline headaches. Planning to submit early gives you plenty of time to ensure your application is entirely complete and the best it can be. Plus if you run into any computer issues, you’ll have time to address them.

Double check your content before submitting.

While some organizations may allow applicants to update their submitted application up until the deadline, not all do. (Click the Contact Admin tab in your application to ask if they’re allowing updates to be made to submitted applications.)

Before submitting, read through everything in your application and verify that you’ve uploaded the correct files (if applicable) before clicking the submit button. The print preview of your application can be a great option for reviewing the content and making sure it is complete and exactly as you want it.

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How do I submit my application?

Application owners will have a Submit button in their application. (Collaborators cannot submit applications.) Click that button to initiate the check for completion. If the check doesn’t find any blank required questions or document requests, you’ll be able to enter your initials to confirm agreement with the terms, then click the Submit button again to submit your application.

The application will be available to the receiving organization immediately. Verify that your application was submitted, then pat yourself on the back – you’re done!

Check for Completion

Once you click the Submit button to submit your application, the system will check your questions and the required document request slots to ensure that they are complete. If you’ve skipped any displayed questions or neglected to upload a file in any request marked “required”, the system will list those items in red at the top of the application. Complete those items, click the Refresh Page button to refresh the page, then try the submit again.

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If the organization admin has decided to allow users to submit more than one application, you can create an additional application (or more than one, if allowed) at any time – you do not need to complete one application before you can create another. Learn more here: Creating a New Application to Submit

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Support Resources

This article is part of a knowledge base that we call “ZoomGrants University” or ZGU. ZGU has tons of helpful articles and tutorials and is the best place to start if you have a question about the system. Click the HELP link in the upper right corner of your account to access ZGU at any time, then use the search bar to complete a simple search using a few keywords.

For questions pertaining to the application content or requirements, click the Contact Admin tab in your application to send an email to the organization admin who set up the program. (ZoomGrants staff does not play a role in setting up applications or programs.)

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